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AdSnitch is a must have tool for any media buyers, affiliates, or Advertisers. We erase hours of time you would spend gathering data on your competition, and help you get profitable quicker. See almost everything your competitors doing. From their landing pages, traffic sources, to countries, you'll be on your way to massive profits!


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We categorize all web and mobile advertisements, & landing pages historically in each country. Our software show's you details of a particular advertiser including OS, Countries, Times seen, Other Advertisements, and more. We give you exactly what you need to beat competition and get into profits.


User Friendly

Our software is extremely user friendly. We know how frustrating it can be to use new software, so we streamlined it, making it simple for you to use.


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Android, iOS, Windows, Mac. Now you can see the exact operating sytems affiliates run on.

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Advertiser's with high Frequency caps, tend to have more times seen. This is a scaling process.

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Now you can see what traffic sources advertisers run their campaigns on

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Each country has different ads, and landing pages. Find these and you find your winners

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Find the Hottest countries to run your mobile campaigns with

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See the exact traffic source of each campaign

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Search by the most popular ads

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List by top performing ads

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Steal these hidden gems, and bank your own ideas off them for success

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You can search by either mobile or web.

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See proven campaigns that have been on the market for a greater time

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As an added bonus, we reveal all web pop ups too.


Check out some of our Client Reviews
  • “The only Mobile Spy tool that Reveals exactly What top affiliates are actually running! A must have!"

    Oliver Kenyon Apple Inc.
  • “A secret weapon for mobile affiliates to have an edge on the competition...This is a must have for my counter intelligence toolbox to keep me ahead of the pack."

    Tuan Vy Envato Inc.
  • “AdSnitch brings competitive research in the mobile arena to a whole new level. Never before have I been able to gather so much relevant and timely data on what my competition is."

    Ollie Hales Google Inc.